James Brydon’s The Moment Before Drowning now available

The Moment Before Drowning, the acclaimed debut from James Brydon, was published in the US by Akashic Books on 3 July 2018.

Advance praise for The Moment Before Drowning:

“Brydon’s provocative and unsettling first novel…is a remarkably assured debut by a gifted new writer.”
Publishers Weekly, STARRED reivew

“An exploration of political oppression wrapped in a carefully constructed mystery. In Brydon’s auspicious debut…the characters are alive and the mystery is mostly satisfying. An erudite and entertaining addition to the shelf.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Brydon packs in so much emotion, suspense, tension, and heartbreak. This story literally took my breath away…This author is one to be reckoned with and I hope his next literary work will be published soon. Most highly recommended.”
Marjorie’s World of Books (blog)

“From the Battle of Algiers, to the austere abutments of the Brittany coast, The Moment Before Drowning is a carefully weighted novel that strips the glamour from what people can do without ever simplifying the reasons why they do it. An engrossing and expansive tale.”
Luke McCallin, author of The Ashes of Berlin

“This book haunted me–the protagonist’s moral conflict is so poignant, the writing is luminescent, and the postwar French and Algerian landscapes are immaculately drawn. Take a bit of Albert Camus, mix in some Nobel Prize–winning Patrick Modiano, add a dollop of French noir, and voilà, you have James Brydon’s The Moment Before Drowning.”
Denise Hamilton, author of Damage Control

“After spending two years in Algeria with the French military, Jacques le Garrec, a Resistance hero and former detective, returns home in disgrace to a desolate snow-laden seacoast village in Brittany to await his own trial for a horrific incident that occurred during his time in Algeria…What seems a deceptive title becomes a metaphor for le Garrec’s journey in The Moment Before Drowning–a gripping, atmospheric, submersive novel that is deeply layered and delicately nuanced. I couldn’t put this book down.”
Cara Black, author of Murder in Saint-Germain

The Moment Before Drowning is available from Amazon.com here. It will be published by Akashic Books in the UK on 2 August 2018, and can be preordered from Amazon.co.uk here.

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