Jason Monaghan

Jason Monaghan was born in a Yorkshire village, coming from a line of miners and steelworkers. He dropped out of studying Chemical Engineering at university and signed up instead for the London Institute of Archaeology. So began a varied career with unlikely turns that provided ample material for a thriller writer.

He gained a PhD in Roman pottery and conducted research on Roman pottery industries in North Kent, then moved to Guernsey to work with Dr Margaret Rule on the Gallo-Roman ship dubbed ‘Asterix’. It was then back north to York, to study pottery from the Roman fortress. His own excavations and travels provided and authentic background for his first five novels, featuring offbeat university lecturer Jeffrey Flint being drawn into solving mysteries with their roots buried in the past; Darkness Rises, Byron’s Shadow, Shadesmoor, Lady in the Lake, and When the Dust Settles. These were originally published by Severn House but have now been republished by Endeavour Press.

Another twist of fate saw Jason working for a decade in the offshore finance industry on the island of Guernsey. Here he was involved in the prevention of money laundering and financial crime, having brushes with a couple of the FBI’s ‘most wanted’ and various fraudsters. Plenty more inspiration for a crime writer! Now the Director of Guernsey Museums, he has been involved in the Alderney Elizabethan shipwreck project and is currently leading excavations at the Roman fort of the Nunnery, Alderney. He lectures and publishes extensively on his academic work. His first historical novel Glint of Light on Broken Glass was published in 2016.

Jason is an active member of the Crime Writers Association. He is working with A for Authors on his seventh novel.

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