JS Glynn

JS Glynn was born in London, at the dawn of the glorious 90s. Aged 7 she moved to Ireland, and grew up surrounded by cows in south county Roscommon. She studied Economics at UCD, and has since put that to a little use working in insurance and financial services. In 2013 she left her beloved Dublin for the bright lights of London, where she lives with her partner, but sadly no cats.

A goth at heart, Glynn loves graveyards, sad music and Edgar Allen Poe. Her idea of heaven would be drinking wine in Abney Park Cemetery with Oscar Wilde, preferably while watching Ireland win the rugby World Cup. When not haunting graveyards, Glynn is an avid rugby fan (Leinster, as you ask), and doesn’t go two days without watching some sort of sport (not always out of choice).

Glynn has written under various guises as online culture reviewer and poet. A history lover and self confessed Victorian geek, her first novel, Silent Was Our Song, tells the story of forbidden love at the turn of the twentieth century.