Moira Martingale

Moira Martingale Moira’s veins pulsed with printer’s ink long before she produced her first two books in the 1990s.

At that time, she was working as a freelance journalist and columnist for national and regional newspapers and magazines, and her first book, Ghostbusters UK was inspired by a magazine feature she wrote about a ghostbuster-extraordinaire – parapsychologist Robin Furman. His strange experiences and wide knowledge about supernatural goings-on made the co-authorship great fun … despite Moira having frequently to feign amusement when yet another “original wit” called her a ghost writer.

The second book, Cannibal Killers: The Impossible Monsters was a study of serial killers. It was a considerable success, coming out in the UK and the States and in translation for other foreign publishers. The Japanese edition has to be read from the back to the front, but only a Japanese speaker would know this. For anyone else, it’s utterly indecipherable in either direction.

Cannibal Killers appears on the recommended reading list of many university criminology degree courses.  Publication of a revised and updated e-version is imminent.

In 2013, Moira’s tribute book to the outstanding Scottish author Iain Banks was published. Called Gothic Dimensions: Iain Banks,Timelord, it was adapted from her doctoral thesis on Banks. Sadly, Iain Banks died in June 2013.

Moira joins A for Authors with a new complete work: her first novel, set in contemporary middle-class Britain, a family novel with dark undertones.

Moira has degrees in English Literature and Psychology (BA and MA) and a PhD in Gothic Literature.  She has two daughters and a son and an addiction to tennis and clever writing.

In 2005 she launched “French House Party, Carcassonne” –  a holiday company in SW France which provides short-break tutored residential arts and cookery holidays for groups.