Pamela O’Herlihy

Pamela O'Herlihy2 Pamela O’Herlihy is a prolific writer in different genres. She has an excellent grasp of setting a scene and characterization within her exciting plots.

She started her career with various film companies that included British Lion and Columbia, then moved to Compton Pictures and worked on the classic films of Roman Polanski, such as Repulsion, and in production with Tony Tenser and the director, Michael Klinger. She then went to work for David Hemmings on the iconic movie Blow-up, and for Richard Harris on his worldwide concert tour where the well-known Irish songwriter, Phil Coulter, accompanied them on the film and musical circuit.

Around this time she travelled with her family to Bermuda, where her father held diplomatic status, and she stayed there working at a variety of local jobs for four years. Returning to England and calling on David Hemmings once more he offered her a job working with him on Running Scared, where he had his first directorship on location, the leading role being given to Robert Powell, with whom she struck up a lifetime’s friendship.

The movie over, and with such exposure to creative arts and people, Pamela decided she wanted to write. She funded this with jobs as a disc jockey in London clubs; working for Lord Alexander Hesketh and his Formula One driver, James Hunt; modelling, first in London and then Amsterdam; becoming a professional gambler in London casinos; and, with an international magnate worked as his ambassador in Paris for a while, socializing with the girls from Madame Claude, or taking time out in St. Tropez with the jet set crowd, as well as with Texan oilmen and their wives, the then Russian president, Mr. Kosygin, and also entertaining his son in law, Mikael Gvishani in Paris, and Moroccan royalty, with whom she socialized and travelled to their respective countries at the same ambassadorial level. She also worked at a very high level in Moscow with the Ministry of State and Technology in her role with her Parisian employer. She found this a very varied and exciting time, but one that also had its own element of danger that brought her back to earth and a life in London once more.

And ultimately the high life did not suit her as much as a need to be independent and known for her creativity. She began to write poetry and when she then met Robert Calvert, lead singer of Hawkwind and a highly creative musician and poet, they wrote together. A brief marriage followed, and Pamela helped with backing vocals for his breakaway album. However, although they remained friends the marriage did not last. Taking an apartment in London’s West End, she continued to write poetry and was introduced to TV director Frank Cvitanovitch, by her then boyfriend, Barry Sheene. Frank suggested she write a play, and then took the play THE WEEKEND to Keith Williams, Head of Scripts at the BBC, whose team immediately said she was a born writer.

With this acclaim and confidence, Pamela sold all her jewellery and with the proceeds went back to Bermuda, taking a pretty cottage by the ocean where she wrote her first book, THE IMAGE. It became hugely successful, reaching the lists of the New York Times bestsellers. Signing a three-book deal with MacDonald Futura, she then wrote FOXY LADY, BREATHING SPACE, and WINTER JASMINE. Asked to write a sensual hero for all women, she wrote ROGAN’S MOOR – by this time she had met the actor, Gavan O’Herlihy, who was in England to star in the TV episodic We’ll Meet Again, and together they created their first son, and called him Rogan. Pamela was then bought by Hodder/New English Library, and given the chance to write in a very different genre, whereon she produced her saga, THE STONE MAIDEN, a tale stretching through two world wars, the birth of the welfare state and the airline industry, and two warring and contentious families, one born wealthy, one born poor. A sequel, NEAREST OF KIN, followed, and covered the years 1910-1976. This saga, a testament to a new world order, was also a New York Times Bestseller.

Pamela then moved to LA to write film scripts with her actor husband and her husband’s family, also in the film business in Malibu, and with their now two small boys, Rogan and Lonan. It was great to raise the children beside the ocean but ultimately for her the UK offered more in terms of writing novels, and the family finally returned after two years, when she wrote BERMUDA and ASPEN.

Divorce unfortunately followed together with an extreme change of lifestyle with a very wealthy husband who was very conservative and did not wish her to write. Their lives were lived at a high social level, including having their own polo team which jousted with that of HRH Prince Charles; Prince William played for his father, and Prince Harry for Pamela and her partner’s team. With her strict partner’s closure of her beloved career, and unable to just do nothing but once again socialize at a high level, a life that she saw as too false for her, Pamela drew away and, leaving that life behind, at first became an exhibited portrait painter, a design gardener, and a property developer. Her children attended public school, then university, and with a house constantly full of friends, she found something she loved. But when the children went off to university, finally Pamela set out on her own and, away from the glitterati and aristocracy, a meld of personalities typical of the county set of Gloucestershire, she was ready to return to writing, the thing she loved to do most of all.

Pamela always wanted to write dark psychological fiction, supernatural or crime thrillers. Now on her own, the children away from her, she wrote a movie, THE DARK BEHIND THE WINDOW, supernatural in style and set in New York and among a remote tribe in Borneo. She found herself back with her LA agent, now a producer, who suggested she write the novel of the same storyline, sell it to him in LA, and then he would sell her and her movie script. She then followed this up with REMOVE, a tense psychological thriller set in the Cotswolds.

Initially she wrote as Pamela Townley, but now with a new and favoured genre, she is writing as Pamela O’Herlihy, and has many further titles in store, as well as continuing with her script writing. She still paints portraits for friends, walks her Labradors in the countryside and enjoys friendships, cooking, music, laughter, reading non-stop – and writing full time.