Peter Hutson-Jones

Peter Hutson-JonesPeter Hutson-Jones was born in Bedfordshire in 1962. Having tried his hand at many things, including being a touring musician from the back of a rusting van, to owning and running a professional music studio, to small business owner, he now embarks on fulfilling a lifetime passion for writing fiction. Peter has been an ardent traveller over the years and has spent time living in three different continents.

Whilst residing on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Peter finally found the time to bring his stories and characters to life, and living amongst such inspiring landscapes bought lucidity to his writing. It is no coincidence then, that this idyllic, un-spoilt Canadian province takes centre stage in much of his work.

Drawn to his favourite genre of crime/thrillers, he taps into his experience of living in a small coastal community, to produce plot lines that are both fast paced and full of intrigue.

The Jacob Madder crime series trilogy follows the life journey of two friends spanning a period of over forty years.

He lives in Cheshire with his wife, daughter and a crazy Airedale Terrier whom the family adopted whilst living on the East Coast of America. When not writing, he likes to participate in the local veteran football league, where post match, he can be found comparing the inevitable sporting injuries with his teammates over a pint or two.