Susan Bacoyanis

Susan Bacoyanis pic2Susan Bacoyanis was born and educated in rural England, the only child of patient parents who tolerated her insatiable quest for knowledge. She spent many hours alone, which she credits to the development of a vivid imagination, that would serve her first career as a stage actor and her lifelong passion for writing.
She paused her acting career and founded her own business for the practical purpose of raising her three daughters as a single mother. All her daughters are smart, professional young women and motherhood, she claims, is her greatest achievement.
In 2002 Susan moved half way around the world to live and work in California. She entered the New York Film Academy to update her skills in the Television, Film and Screenwriting industry and rekindled her acting career, working as a screen actor in Hollywood. She joined Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions in LA as part of their writing team and helped establish and promote the Cinema City International Film Festival, which is dedicated to promoting new writers and film makers.
“I believe in learning my craft by acquiring the skills to write well; a good education, practical knowledge and a keen eye for detail. Interesting life experiences are a bonus. Learning what makes us all so diverse and extracting the best and the worst of human traits to form characters . . . this is the fun. Life is like a recipe, with good ingredients the dish will be tasty. But, if you add some spice, the dish will be spectacular! For me the spice is ‘passion’.”
Susan writes every day with dedication and passion. Like her characters, she has lived many lives, but she believes that if you follow your passion, you will live your best life.

Her first book, a collection of linked stories entitled THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS was published by Endeavour Press in 2016. THE JUDAS TREE (Endeavour Media) was published in May 2018, and THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS will be published in December 2018.