Tony Oudot

ME1 (2)Tony Oudot is a photographer based in North London.  Since the age of seventeen he has been involved in photography, starting out as an assistant photographer in an advertising agency in his home town of Northampton.

After his start in photography he turned to his other love, music. A keen drummer, he moved to London in 1997 and joined a band called Heist. The band recorded two albums and toured Europe up to 2005. During this time he met many interesting characters and experienced the darker side of touring in a struggling Indie band. So much so that his next novel is based on this fascinating world.

From 2005 he established himself once again as a photographer working in sport, news and music, but as the recession hit there were fewer jobs. It was then that he touched on the world of paparazzi.

Since 2009 he has worked as a paparazzi photographer in London. The adventures and stories he has since collected has led him to document and comprise a novel ‘Shooting Kylie’ telling you just how it is being a struggling photographer in London.