Whatever You Say, Say Nothing by Julian Bell

WHATEVER YOU SAY, SAY NOTHING by Julian Bell, is now available to pre-order as a Kindle ebook from Amazon:


What happens when you fall in love with one of the men who killed your father?

Dublin, 1920. Ireland is torn apart by a brutal and bloody guerrilla war as the Irish fight for their independence from Britain. Aisling has fled to the city after her father was murdered and her town burnt to the ground by the British Army. She finds work as a maid for Harry, a British Army officer who is spying on the Irish rebels, sending dozens to their deaths. Patrick, a volunteer for the Irish Republican Army, recruits Aisling to spy on Harry. But then Patrick finds he is falling in love with Aisling; and Aisling finds she is falling in love with Harry …

With pace, drama and evocative period detail, Whatever You Say, Say Nothing tells the story of one woman’s agonising dilemma. Which is more important? Faith, family and country? Or the calling of your heart?

WHATEVER YOU SAY, SAY NOTHING is available to pre-order from Amazon sites worldwide.

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