Month: September 2023

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Lisa Brace’s debut novel STAR SURVIVOR acquired by The Book Guild

PRESS RELEASE A for Authors Agency are delighted to announce that Star Survivor, the debut novel by Lisa Brace has been acquired by The Book Guild for publication in March 2024. Star Survivor is an adventure-packed story centred on four celebrities who agree to take part in a world renowned reality show set in the… Read more »

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THIS HOUSE OF CLAY AND WATER – Acquired by Soul Fry Films

A for Authors Agency Ltd is delighted to announce that one of the biggest stars of South Asia, Mahira Khan, actor/producer at par with the biggest names worldwide in the business, and Nina Kashif, producer/director with dozens of international hits under her belt, have acquired the rights of This House of Clay and Water through… Read more »

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N.N. Jehangir

N.N. Jehangir is a Pakistani writer. His first novel, Sektor 47, is the first book in a sci-fi series. N.N. Jehangir has an MA in Creative Writing with a High Merit from Birkbeck University London and an LLB from University of London. He is 27 years old and lives in Lahore with his family.